Ukrainian Canadian Congress Nova Scotia Branch (UCC NS)

Ukrainian Canadian Congress Nova Scotia Branch (UCC NS)

The Voice of the Ukrainian Community in Nova Scotia

Nova scotians Stand with Ukraine

UCC Solidary Vigil (Halifax, NS) marks 365 days of Ukraine’s resistance and commemorates fallen soldiers and the victims of russian invasion.
UCC Nova Scotia’s President’s Invitation to the Candlelit Vigil on February 24.

February 24th marks one year since the full-scale russian aggression against Ukraine. Join the #StandWithUkraine campaign and show your support for the Ukrainian peoples’ right to live free and in peace in their own land.

In Halifax, the Ukrainian community will have a candle-lit vigil to commemorate and recognize the one-year anniversary of the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine. Join the community to show your solidarity with Ukraine. Wear blue and yellow, and bring a candle (preferably electric).

24 лютого буде 365 днів від початку повномасштабної війни росії проти України. Приєднуйтесь до кампаніі #StandWithUkraine та покажіть підтримку Україні.

Приєднуйтесь до української громади Галіфаксу, щоб вшанувати пам’ятать тих, хто загинув за Україну, та підтримати український народ у боротьбі за незалежність та право жити вільно, в мирі на власній землі. Приносьте свої синьо-жовті кольори та свічку (бажано електричну).

Want to help? volunteer!

We are stronger when we come together as a community. Explore volunteer opportunities and learn how you can help people arriving in Nova Scotia because of the war in Ukraine.

  • To meet local Ukrainians and build networks and friendships
  • To stay informed about events organized by and for the community
  • To maintain and promote Ukrainian culture
  • To volunteer

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Your donation will be used for ongoing fundraising efforts. We organize multiple events, some of which have small upfront costs (example: printing t-shirts for a fundraiser). After that, all collected funds are donated to the selected charity or organization in Ukraine. Such practice will continue as long as Ukrainian people require war relief support. The Board of Directors, the Executive committee, active members and supporters who work on the projects of the organization, are all volunteers.

We accept e-transfers to When you make a donation via e-transfer, please add “Support for the organization” in the message line. Please be advised that we can’t issue a charitable donation tax receipt.

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